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Hi there,

I'm originally from Westmeath, I've lived in the States for the past 12 years, I lived in beautiful San Francisco. Loved my time there and made a nice life for myself. Never not stressful, never perfectly comfortable, ups and downs... I'm an artist/designer so I've always had to be creative in making my living. I nannied, waitressed, bartenderd, I was a sales woman for a successful graphic design / tshirt company. At the young age of 23 I met my "now husband" artist like myself. We married and have been together for 9 years. He's originally from Eastern Europe and immigrated when he was 16. He lived in the states for 20 years and we both decided last year in 2016 that we missed home (Europe) and had had enough of life in the states and wanted to moved back. We aimed for Berlin as one of my siblings lives here. We had visited Berlin on and off for 5 years prior to moving. We witnessed gentrification happening in San Francisco, all of our friends lost their apartments as a result of eviction due to greedy landlords wanting to cash in on the new influx of Techies arriving to the Bay Area thanks to Google, Twitter, many start-ups and of course Silicon Valley. We eventually lost our home/our apartment. We no longer could stay in San Francisco and couldnt afford to move to New York and honestly didn't want to live anywhere else in America especially with Trump being newly elected. We're here in Berlin now and we're seeing the same thing happen here, rent has sky rocketed, everyone and their grandmother wants to live here in Berlin and it's become too sought after. We can't find a longterm apartment. We have spent 7 months moving from one sublet to the next. We spent months filling out necessary paperwork to allow my husband to work in Berlin and stay in Europe legally, the bureaucracy here is insane, absolutely endless!! We have done everything we possibly can to get the necessary paperwork in order to be able to secure a rental and yet we haven't had any luck. We can't compete with 9-5 professional Germans and so although in the past... artists usually were excepted in Berlin, not the case anymore, you will be excepted and welcomed if you have money & patience. Lots of patience. We're struggling to get set up here. We're tired of moving and after so many years away from home (Ireland) I'm ready to return. I'm ready to be closer to my family, my parents are home alone, 3 siblings (all girls) live abroad.

I was home recently and came across a barge boat for sale, the price was resently deduced, the owner wants it sold fast as he no longer has the time for it. The engine is in great condition, the owner injected 40k into it, yet is only asking for 60k total. Myself and my husband have half that amount. I'm envisioning painting the exterior, cozier up the interior, giving it a more traditional Irish bohemian feel. Perhaps even titling it / painting "Guinness is Good for You" on the outside and asking Guinness if they might sponsor us :) We plan to teach art classes on and off the boat, watercolour and oil painting. We would Airbnb at weekends and during high season and stay at my mums or friends in hopes of making an income to pay back the investor. I think the barge would do very well and if well maintained and worked on it could potentially be sold for much more in a few years. Do you or know anyone who likes boats, who appreciates artists, who is perhaps a fan of entrepreneurs and is one?? We would highlight how beautiful Ireland can be; Irish canals, traditional barges, boat life, artists living on boats etc. We need an investor or a business partner. We are great people, great to work with, down to earth, kind, fair. You can write the contract with our input of course, we can meet and view and inspect the boat together. You can use the boat for family holidays, anniversaries, family events often as you like within reason and with notice given. We would live on the boat while decorating it. If you'd like to see photos of my design work, interior design work and art feel free to get in touch but only if it's related to the boat.

Please please please no scammers, I can see right through you so don't even try, no perverts, no rubbish unrated messages. Reach out if you would like to work with two artists who have a great idea , want it to materielize and want to return home to Ireland after years away.

Trying to remember my Irish ;)

Slainte and go raibh maith agat!
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